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Lady clare poems
Lady clare poems

Lady clare poems

“Laday Care” is a narrative poem that tells of how lovers can
rise above social and economic status and are able to
remain faithful and honest to each other. It is a
literary comic ballad which unfolds mostly through
dialogue and action.

Lady clare poems
Lady clare

I trove they did not part in scorn:
Lovers long-betrothed were they;
They two will wed the morrow morn,-
God’s blessing on the day!

“He does not love me for my birth,
Nor for inv lands so broad and fair;
He loves me for my own true worth,
And that is well.” said Lady Clare.

In there came old Alice the nurse,
Said, “Who was this that went from thee?”
“It was my cousin,” Said Lady Clare,
“To-morrow lie weds with me.”

“O God be thanked!” said Alice the nurse,
“That all comes round so just and fair;
Lord Ronald is heir of all your lands,
And you are not the Lady Clare.”

“Are ye out of your mind, my nurse, my nurse,
Said Lady Clare, “that ye speak so wild,”
“As God’s above,” said Alice the nurse,
“I speak the truth: you are my child.

“The old earl’s daughter died at my breast:
I speak the truth, as I live by bread!
I buried her like my own sweet child,
And put my child in her stead.”

“Falsely, falsely have ye done,
O mother,” she said, “it this he true,
To keep the best man under the sun
So many years from his due.”

She clad herself in a russet gown”
She was no longer Lady Clare:
She went by dale, and she went by down,
With a single rose in her hair.

The lily-white doe Lord Ronald had brought
Leaped up from where she lay,
Dropped her head in the maiden’s hand,
And followed her all the way.

Down stepped Lord Ronald from his tower:
“O Lady Clare, you shame your worth!
Why come you dressed like a village maid,
That are the flower of the earth?”

“If I come dressed like a village maid.
I am but as my fortunes are:
I am a beggar born,” she said,
“And not the Lady Clare.”

“Play me no tricks,” said Lord Ronald.
“For I am yours in word and deed:
Play me no tricks,” said Lord Ronald.
“Your riddle is hard to read.”

O, and proudly stood she up!
Her heart within her did not fail:
She looked into Lord Ronald’s eyes.
And told him all her nurse’s tale.

He laughed a laugh of merry corn:
He turned and kissed her where she stood:
“If you are not the heiress born,
And I,” said he,” the next in blood-

“If you are not the heiress born,
And I,” said he, “the lawful heir,
We two will wed to-morrow morn)
And you shall still be Lady, Clare.”


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